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Empowering health care practitioners to adopt virtual care as an essential component of their practice


Developing high-end technology tools that will seamlessly integrate both traditional and modern health care delivery models, which will translate into increased access for patients


Intelligence - Transparency - Integrity -
Innovation - Courage - Simplicity - Security

Founders story:

In 2018, two dermatologists and a business analyst decided there had to be a better way to care for patients and thus founded DermaGO, the first virtual dermatology clinic in Canada.

Featuring store-and-forward telehealth with patient profile, picture upload, direct communication with patients and pharmacies and an online payment system, it employs 12 dermatologists, covering all Canadian provinces.

Since the launch, other clinics and health professionals expressed interest in the concept and wanted a medicine platform of their own. DermaGO’s platform was thus transformed into a white-labeled, secure, user-and-doctor friendly  platform that empowers other health practioners to create their own virtual clinic with no coding or design skills needed.

OroHealth was created.

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We are Hiring!

Our team is:

  • passionate about software and how the magic it can provide when in the right hands

  • driven to make software and data science/machine learning both efficient, privacy-aware and ethical

  • inclined to use, participate and maybe contribute in open-source technologies and their ecosystem

  • strong: from the technology behind our product, the experience of senior marketing ideas and incredible advisory support, we look for the best that we can coach, mentor and grow with

How is AI used in telemedicine?

AI has uses for medical imaging (analysis & classification), clinical data analysis, diagnostic support, workflow optimization and more.

Patient monitoring

  • Al-based wearables

  • Platform Monitoring

  • Intelligent Bots monitoring patients' symptoms and creating customized conversational processes

Health Information Technology

  • NLP is used to process patients’ descriptions of their symptoms and problems + categorizes and manages patient records

  • NLP is used behind-the-scenes in clinical workflows

  • Deep neural networks store health data + protect it against fraud

Diagnostic Support

  • Analysis of medical images and health conditions

  • Diagnosis recommendations based on symptoms & patient health data

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Our technology provides easy access to the virtual care model for existing or new clinics. Whether you are a new health care provider or have years of experience, you will find the features and solutions you need to build a tailored professional telemedicine clinic for your patients.




For health clinics:

Allow doctors to broaden their revenue streams

Accurate referrals and diagnosis

Increased job satisfaction

Broader patient reach

Accessible and reliable method

Make effective care delivery

Up to 30% cost-reduction in operative expenses

Recruit instead of get

For their patients:

Increased convenience

Alternative to traditional in-clinic consultations

Improved scheduling

Save time and reduce logistical inconveniences

Faster diagnostic

Clarity of advices/ - backed up on renowned and official data & AI

Increased access to doctor

Improve health outcome for patients

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Data Privacy & Security

ORO Health solutions run on the best hosting environment. No patches, no upgrades, no‐nonsense, no matter the plan.

  • Our platform conforms to all legal requirements: PIPEDA, HiPaa, GDPR.
    Data privacy and security is a core value and as such, all levels of the infrastructure are protected.

  • We also align our practices with the telemedicine practice guidelines of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada as well as the individual provincial college guidelines.

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