Asynchronous medicine:
Telemedicine as it should be

Drive your efficiency to new limits with our asynchronous medicine solution

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The future of telemedicine:
Consultation without direct contact, encounter, appointment or time wasting!

Why should asynchronous medicine be your next step?

Growing acceptance of telemedicine by patients, practitioners, institutions and governments.

Rapid growth of home-based telemedicine programs to manage, reduce, and prevent chronic disease through remote patient monitoring.

More insurers are embracing telemedicine as it becomes more widely used and accepted.

Consolidation of various tools in the offerings of providers, which encourages the development of niche innovations.

New remote clinical capabilities  such as radiology, psychiatry, dermatology and many other disciplines that are ideal candidates for the use of telehealth practices.

Increase in decentralized health care. Community-based practices will be more likely to use telemedicine.

"Our medical backgrounds, our team’s extensive experience in high-tech startups, a dedicated board of advisors, along with a surge in demand for telehealth, have all created the perfect opportunity to revolutionize the medical industry. "
Marc-André Doré, dermagologist and Oro founder

ORO’s interpretation of asynchronous medicine

Patients request a rapid access to care,
clear diagnosis synopsis and details explanations, accurate results, detailed treatment plans and timely follow-up.

Healthcare professionals are striving to diversify their practice, including caring for patients on their own time, which leads to enhanced efficiency, better time management and increased capacity.

Do you have a high percentage of no show because your patients forget their appointments?
Switch to asynchronous medicine and stop wasting time

ORO, your ticket to asynchronous telemedicine

With Oro's asynchronous solution, you no longer have to juggle appointments and sit in front of the computer.
Give yourself greater flexibility in your working hours.
Save time, but more importantly avoid wasting time!

Having trouble managing your consultation schedule?
Do your consultations when and where you want

Asynchronous medicine allows you to keep better control of the consultation in order to speed up and prioritize medical issues.
Address your patients' concerns faster and more efficiently through value-based consultations.

Your patients deserve to have you there for them,
but you don't have control over your time?
Use asynchronous medicine to increase patient satisfaction without compromising on quality of care

Oro's solution allows for a greater patient volume without sacrificing clinical capacity. Increase your revenues and decrease management costs. It's a win-win situation!

Are consultation requests and wait times piling up at your clinic?
Take care of more patients and gain efficiency with a turnkey platform.

Lead your patients to better health with a personalized clinic that fits your way of practice

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  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Patient access to health care, especially in underserved areas
  • Quality and continuity of care
  • Access for remote care providers to their colleagues
  • Optimized use of digital health resources
  • Patient engagement
  • Reach of medical services offered
  • Digital health data collection in remote areas
  • Productivity of the healthcare workforce
  • Efficient delivery of care

Get all you need:Dynamic triage • Dispatch engine • User portals• Dx & Tx template builder • Asynchronous messaging

Everything your clinic needs in a white-label platform with increased cybersecurity measures compliant with HIPAA, GDPR & PIPEDA.


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  • driven to make software and data science/machine learning both efficient, privacy-aware and ethical

  • inclined to use, participate and maybe contribute in open-source technologies and their ecosystem

  • strong: from the technology behind our product, the experience of senior marketing ideas and incredible advisory support, we look for the best that we can coach, mentor and grow with

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